The Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis offer our “Performance Solution” in the following format

1.)   Executive Coaching – One on one, or very small group. Performance hypnosis coaching.
Aimed to push individual talent to the limit. Fully actualizing energy, creativity and intellect.

2.)    Seminars and workshop – Aims to educate with essential psychological skills which
enables small to medium groups of employees to help themselves. Some group therapy
involved, emphasis is on self-motivation, and self help.

3.)    Long Term Consulting – Long term partnership serving to isolate motivational and stress
problems within a company, with long term report and monitoring. Unlimited coaching support
and workshops.

Available Training Programs.  

Stress Management and Immediate Stress Relief Consulting Program.

High level of stress and "burn out" is a major problem facing corporations and society today.
Research shows productivity clearly drops when staff experiences a high level of stress.
Mistakes made by employees and executives under stress may be costly in terms of financial
loss, and in some unfortunate cases, costly in terms of serious injury. Stress free staff act more
decisive, think more clearly and present themselves with greater confidence. Sharp, motivated
and focused officers is the key to corporate success. Imagine your staff is always fresher and
more eager than your competitor.  What kind of advantage will you enjoy? Can your faculty really
afford to not employ our services?

This program offers to help your staff to

Instantly relieve their stress.

Learn to cope with high stress situations

Sleep better at night

Manage anger and emotion better

Stay completely focus on tasks

Essential Life Management skills

Learn to stay energized and motivated all day

"Hypno-Sales System" Training Program  

Successful Sales Staff rely on a "3C factor" key quality

1.) Confidence - Believe in himself and his products.

2.) Compelence - Stays organized and on top of his task.

3.) Communicate - Clearly persuades his clients.

With our Hypnotic Sales Program, your staff will acquire the capability of:

1.) Overwhelming confidence through Self-Hypnosis. No fear of rejection, radiating  self-image;
completely passionate and motivated all day.

2.) Competent - Through our life assessment seminars and coaching, you staff is able to stay on
top of things. Staying organized means they can make more calls and make the sales. Your
sales staff can now focus on selling instead of unresolved issues.

3.) Hypnotic Language - Hypnotize your customer. Covert hypnosis techniques will allow your
sales staff to directly influence your customer decision making process. Create instant rapport
with new customers, learning new communication skills which easily read your customer’s
concern and needs. Watch your sales skyrocket.

Also Available. (More Details Coming soon)

Certified Public Speaking Training Program.

Certified Master Public Speaking Training Program.

The Art of War Leadership Development Seminar Series.

Playing the Asian Mind Game for Business Professionals
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