"Close your eyes and you will see everything"
              Bernard Yam

"The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all."


We take pride in our code of ethics, our ethics is our reputation

Our code of ethics conforms to the highest level of National Guild of Hypnotist
standard, and in many cases, far beyond conventional standard.

Cara Institute Code of Ethics

Client’s Welfare and Safety

Physical and mental well being of our client is our prime consideration. We will not
engage in any action leading to abuse, that include physical, mental, emotional, verbal or
sexual abuse.

Reasonable, Limited, Referred practice.

We will only practice what we are trained to practice. We do not diagnose, or claim to
cure medical conditions. When a client’s statement or behavior leads us to believe they
need medical or psychological attention, we will advise them to seek attention from the
proper health care professional. We will engage in hypnotic work with a client regarding
mental or physical disease only with the proper documented approval from a licensed
health care professional.


We will only be truthful in what we tell our clients. We tell them straight up what we
think. We found our clients deeply appreciate honesty, for a change. We will only tell
clients what we know for sure, and when in doubt, we will tell our clients where we
need additional information. We are truthful in our advertising, we do not exaggerate
claims, and we do not hide our real pricing.

Time Efficiency

We will help our client to accomplish their goal in the most time efficient manner. We
will not keep client or student for longer than they need to be, nor will be charge them
for any time or fees which they do not need to spend.

Honest Pricing

We charge for the value of our services, and we work our best to keep our client’s or
students cost down. While we will never lower our price in compromise of our highest
quality service, we will do our best to make hypnosis affordable, economical and


We do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, gender,
age, veteran status, physical challenges, health or any other life conditions.

Non Judgemental

Whomever you are, where ever you are from, no matter your past. Your concern is our
concern. We do not judge you or your objective base on conventional belief or value
system, we understand your concern means a great deal to you, and we will do
everything we can to facilitate your goals. Your choice of life style, occupation or ability
is your personal choice, and we respect that. It is not our place to judge.


We have nothing but deep respect for our hypnotherapy colleague, other health care
professional and our clients seeking help. We will co-operate with them with the fullest
extend of our abilities, and provide the most sincere support, well wishes along with
assistance when necessary.

Help before profit.

When a person calls us for our assistance, our first consideration is always how we can
help, if we fail to help one person in need, we failed our mission. Profit is our last

Dedication and determination

We will never, never, ever give up on a client, nor a student, nor a project. There are
times when challenges present itself in a larger than expected manner, but we will work
our way until the very end. We firmly believe “when there is will, there is a way” and
determination will prove, as in many cases in the past, to be omnipotent.

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