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             Bernard Yam
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"
Certified Hypnotist Training Program FAQ


Where is the Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis?

We are located in Boston, MA. Back Bay/ Copley Square area

Will I be able to reach your location by public transportation?

Yes! Our building is located next to "Back Bay Station" on MBTA Orange line
Or if you prefer the green line, just get off at "Copley Square", our building is about 2 minutes

Where do I park?

Parking in downtown Boston can be tricky, there are parking garages all around us.
However they can get rather expensive, 30 to 40 dollars a day. Most people just park their
car at a MBTA parking lot and ride the T into downtown Boston.

I am from out of town, where can I stay during my visit?

Our office is conveniently located in a multi-purpose building that also host a budget hotel. (it
is a former YMCA building) You can literally ride the elevator down to our office without
ever leaving the building. There are also a wide range of hotels within 2 blocks from our
building. Anywhere from budget hotel to 5 stars hotel. We were just informed about a new
hostel in downtown Boston, it is located about 15 minutes walk away from our office. Drop
us a note for hotel recommendation.

I am from out of town, what do I do for food?

There is a budget sandwich dinner on the first floor in our building. There is also a large
grocery supermarket a block away. The Back Bay/ Copley square area is an upscale
shopping area in Boston. Many dinning options are available from food truck to Micheline
star rated restaurant just steps away.

I am from out of town, what do I do for Coffee?

There is Dunkin Donuts next door and a Starbucks around the corner.

Certification FAQ

Is the program accredited with the National Guild of Hypnotist?

Yes! We are fully accredited with the NGH.

Will I be a certified member of the NGH after I graduate?

Yes! You will be a full member of the NGH

Can you give me my first year NGH membership charge for free?

Yes! Your first year of NGH membership fee is included

What Certificate will I receive after I graduate?

You will get the full certificate from the NGH, plus 2 certificate from the Cara Institute of
Advanced Hypnosis. (Basic and Advanced Level)

Will I be legally allow to practice hypnosis in my state?

Yes! As long as you follow our professional guidelines. Some states may require additional
registration, the NGH will guide you through the process. (addition fees maybe required by
your state government)

I recently learn that I will need additional registration if I want to practice in the
state of Connecticut, will I be able to practice in CT after I graduate?

Yes! We will walk you through the registration process if you request our help. (Please note
it is up to that state of CT to approve or deny your request your registration. As far as I
know, all NGH members who applied got approved.)

I am not sure yet if I want to practice hypnosis full time, should I take the class?

Yes! Although this program professionally graded, we have a lot students who want to learn
hypnosis for self improvement purpose. There are also many hypnotist who prefer to practice
on a part time basis.

Can I practice hypnosis in conjunction with my other professional practices? (eg
Reki, private nursing, teaching, coaching, massage therapy, etc)

Yes! In fact it is a growing trend! Many professional finds that they benefit tremendously from
a hypnosis background when practicing their modality.

Program FAQ

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

Yes! If by noon on the first day of class, you feel this course is not for you for any reason,
just return your books and we will refund your tuition. No question asked.

Who is the instructor for this course?

Your awarding winning instructor is Bernard Yam. He is a Fellow of the National Guild of
Hypnotist. (Fellow is the highest ranking appointment by examination) He is board certified
and state registered to practice hypnosis. He has been a certified instructor with the NGH
since 2002, with over 20 years of hypnosis experience. He hold psychology degrees and
frequently lectures at the Harvard University system. He is also the host the popular TV show
"Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition", a live hypnosis series on Channel 9, which is on it's 9th
continuous season. You will find in him an instructor who has high expectation in his students,
result oriented, with an evidence based approach, but with a relaxed attitude.

What is the admission requirement?

We are looking for someone who is ethical and highly motivated to learn hypnosis. All serious
applicant will be given serious considerations.

I do not have a psychology background, should I still apply?

Yes! We will teach you everything you need to know.

What is the requirement for graduation?

You need to meet three requirements to earn your certification

1.) Good ethical standard (don't be a jerk, obey the law, practice within bounds)
2.) Academic achievement (Do well in the written exam)
3.) Good Practice skills (demonstrate good hypnosis skills)

All students in good standing will automatically become a member of the National Guild of
Hypnotists upon graduation.

How hard is the final exam?

The final exam is 1.5 hours long. It is straight forward test on your knowledge of hypnotism
as require to practice safely in the real world. "Straight forward" is the key. You will need to
study, but you shouldn't have to worry.

What if I fail the final exam?

In the unlikely event that you fail the final exam, you will be given the opportunity to review
your progress with your instructor. You will have a second opportunity to re take the test. In
the even more unlikely event that you are unable to pass, you will be given the opportunity to
re take the course and try the exam again. Once again, this is highly unlikely scenario.

Tuition and Finance FAQ

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

Yes! If by noon on the first day of class, you feel this course is not for you for any reason,
just return your books and we will refund your tuition. No question asked.

How much does it cost?

The full tuition, inclusive of all books, administrative and examination fees, taxes, NGH
certification and first year membership, one year subscription to our two trade magazine, plus
extra hypnosis material you will not find anywhere else, is only $1875 USD when you pay in
full on the first day of class. (price subject to change without notice)

Is it all inclusive? (except my travel expenses)

Yes! You won't have to spend an extra penny. Some hypnosis school like to push extra
products and services onto student once they enroll, I am sure they have their reason to do
so, but once you enrolled in our program, you are all set!

What other expenses shall I expect during the course of my study?

Keep in mind you'll incur travel expenses, such as parking and gas, (we recommend public
transportation) You may also need simple office supplies such as pen, note books... etc.  
Also you may want to go out to lunch with your classmates. Morning coffee and energy
drinks if that's your preference. If you are coming in from out of town, please refer to the
travel tips on top of this page.

What type of payment do you accept

We can accept check, cash, money order, or paypal

Can I pay by credit card

You are welcome to use your credit card via paypal.

I've been doing a lot of research on hypnosis school in the Boston area. Most
instructors charges 2500 to 3000 dollars. Why is your tuition so much cheaper than
everyone else?

It is because we haven't raised our tuition since 2002, that's over 13 years ago! It has always
been this price since we started offering this course. We are planning to raise our tuition to
match our counterparts in the area. The National Guild of Hypnotists recommended that we
charge more. So take advantage of this low price now before we raise the tuition next month!

Can I pay in installment?

Yes! There is an option of 3 monthly payments of $685. The first payment is due on the first
day class. The second and third payment are to be written post dated one month and two
months after the first day of class. The NGH will hold your certificate and membership until
all payments are cleared.