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Hypnosis For Good Luck

Do you sometimes wonder why some people have better luck than others? Do you find
yourself often feeling as if you are down on your luck? Do you think that the way lucky
people perceive themselves enable them to be more lucky? The idea behind the session is
that people who are 1.) more confident, 2.) less stress 3.) think positive tends to always be
lucky in life. Research show that lucky people also are more aware of opportunities, better
able to profit from being at the right place at the right time, more open to new ideas and easily
able to connect with the right people for their cause. The session also plant the identity of a
lucky person deep inside your unconscious mind, using the law of attraction, it will
automatically attract lucky situations into your life. It will also eliminate any doubt of being a
lucky person. Through this new session, you will be able to acquire these unconscious
attitude, emotions and good habits to become a very lucky person! When are ready to have
a mind of lucky person, this product is ideal for you.

The download folder contains;
Hypnosis for Good Luck - High Definition video - WMV format
Hypnosis for Good Luck - Standard Definition Video - WMV format
Hypnosis for Good Luck - Audio MP3 for your IPOD or mobile device
Hypnosis for Deep Sleep - with Hypnotist Chelsea - Standard Definition
Hypnosis for Deep Sleep - with Hypnotist Chelsea - Ipod version
Message from Hypnotist Chelsea - High Definition (requested)
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