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Feminization Hypnosis Video - Psychology Major turns you into a girl

Introducing Feminization Role Play Hypnosis video session. These highly entertaining videos
employ the idea of self improvement  through role playing, as well as the concept of
metaphorical healing in Ericksonian hypnosis. It is designed to make the viewer feel like they
are in a personal or professional relationship with the on screen hypnotist. When a life's lesson
is expressed through the lenses of these role playing relationship, it allows the viewer to
experience their subconscious in a multiple facets and perspective.

These story based hypnotherapy session offers a gentle approach to getting hypnotized, with
the right amount of authoritarian and stage hypnotist showmanship, the proverbial hypnotist
language of "you must obey me", "do whatever I tell you to do" and an controlling twist,
ending with suggestion that encourage you be a better person. Along with suggestions that
helps you feel more focus at work, more confident, go work out, feel more relax... etc

This Feminization video is especially created for the LGBTQ community, our original  
feminization series with Hypnotist Oxanna was a huge success. This series take us to the next
level, where we encourage the viewer to embrace their feminine size, full enjoy their feminine
attire such as lipstick, skirts, high heels etc, and mentally conditioned to became more
feminine. This way they will enjoy their life filled with joy and confidence .

In this role play hypnotherapy session, you are a freshman psychology student at a top
university. Today, you have signed up for a study group at the psychology student
association's lounge, you happens to ran into a graduate student, Emily, who is conducting
research into gender identity and hypnosis. Just when you admit the difficulties being a college
freshman, Emily suggested you should try hypnosis. At first you were reluctant, then Emily
insisted on putting you under, before you can make further objections, Emily took out her
swinging pocket watch, and before you realize it, you were deeply under hypnosis. Turns out
Emily remember seeing playing the role of a lady in a recent theater production, she suspect
you have always wanted be a women, so she use her skill as a clinical hypnotist to turn you
into a woman, and to fully embrace your feminine side. She also use hypnosis to help you
relax, giving you positive suggestions on confidence, well being, more socialable, and more
focus at work and school. Sending you to sleep in the most comforting way, become a better
person, she also left you a few post suggestion for her personal entertainment. The story
comes with a slightly twisted ending to maximize the realism of a hypnotic relationship. This
video have realism in mind, filled with real hypnosis techniques, many of our repeat costumers
finds themselves watching these videos over and over, each time more fully emerge themselves
in this comfortable cocoon where they can forget the world.

Approximately 24 minutes
720HD MP4 571MB

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Spoiler Alert.
Arriving early, you ran into a graduate student in the department. This gorgeous young lady is
Emily Silverson. The two of you began talking, you sharing your concerns as a freshman
student, Emily talks about her research. Turns out Emily is working to get a study grant for
study in transgender issues. Recalling earlier in the semester, during freshman week, Emily saw
you on stage perform a play, the initiation ritual had you playing the role of a lady on stage.
You are so amazing, she was so impressed, and she took noticed how you are able to switch
into feminine mode so easily.  Emily then start talking about her other research interest,
hypnosis and trance state science. She asked if you want to try hypnosis, at first you refused,
you thought it was dangerous and also, you were afraid you might give away your secret while
under hypnosis, but Emily insist, and made you look at her swinging pocket watch. You
reluctantly took a glance at the swinging pocket watch, then this wave of sleepy sensation
washes over you, the next thing you know, you are deeply under hypnosis. Now that your
mind is wide open for suggestions, Emily decides to have some fun with you, first, she gives
you a post hypnotic suggestion that will trigger you back under hypnotic control at anytime,
she also make you wake you and put you back under multiple times, she then make you
repeat a few mind control mantra. All in good fun, stage hypnosis style. Mantras such as "I
enjoy doing what Emily tells me to do" "Emily always knows whats best for me" "I I love
wearing lipstick and make up, I feel comfortable dressing up as a woman, I am a girly girl" ...
etc" Emily then wants to help you over come your problems in life. She makes you more
confident in yourself and in social situations, she makes you become more energetic and
motivated at work, she makes you more creative and with many new ideas, every morning
you wake up, you feel more excited about life. Increase your emotional intelligence, and living
your life to the fullest. Plus many more self improvement suggestions. She also makes you fully
embrace your feminine side, feel confident wearing lipstick, make up and feminine attire, act
and think more feminine, unblock all self consciousness that prevented you to become
beautiful person you truely are. At the end, Emily  leaves you with a trigger phrase, that way
she can put you under her spell anytime she wants. She also leaves a few surprising post
hypnotic suggestions in your mind. You have to buy this video to find out.  
Major spoiler alert!! Don't read this if you are planning to buy the clip! Turns out Emily got her
funding for her research into hypnosis effect on transgender individuals, however she was
having problems finding volunteers for her experiment. Seeing you were a closet queer, she
decided to help accelerate your transformation with hypnosis. Now you are hypnotized to be
a subject in her experiment, you will be hypnotized all and all night in her hypnosis laboratory.
You will also get paid a lot of money as a volunteer, so you can quit your off campus job at
the fast food chain. She also made you forget all about your study group, and make you
remember only signing up for her experiment.  Length - approximately 25 minutes
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$44.99 USD
Time Limited offer
$24.99 USD
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