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Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition
Welcome to the Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition. Each week, our hypnotist
help someone over come major obstacles in life. Each week, someone's
life will be forever changed. Whether  some one or relieve burdensome
stress, or to achieve peak performance in their field, or to gain irresistible
confidence... whether  their request is simple, complicated, or down right
esoteric ... whether  this is their help them, and it's all done through the
magic (and sometimes science) of hypnosis.
Join us... to witness people achieve their life long dreams; Join us... to
witness our guests change their entire life during session, Join us... to
witness the amazement of hypnosis in action.
Join us to celebrate the human mind triumphs over all antecedent
"Close your eyes and you will see everything"
                               -Bernard Yam
The "Hypnotist Bernie's Exposition" is currently being broadcast on
CCTV Channel 9. Would you like to feature this television series on
your network? It can be as simple as an email away! Contact us at today!
Episode Guide
Episode Two - With Juliette Lacky
Presenting Issue: Fear of Public Speaking
Episode One - With Leslye Hanson
Presenting Issue: Mood Swings
Episode Three - With Teal L. Arnold
Episode Four - With Alyssa Mendez
Presenting Issue: Quit Smoking
Episode five Presenting Issue:
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Episode Six - With Tiffany Falkenbach
Presenting Issue:
Episode Seven - With Adriana Rozo
Presenting Issue:
Performance Anxiety
Episode Eight - With Sharon Davis
Presenting Issue: Stress & difficulty sleeping
Episode Nine - with Erin Logan
Presenting Issue:
Past Life Regression
Episode Ten - with Clara Diaz
Presenting Issue:
Episode Eleven - with Amy Stein
Presenting Issue: Nervousness
Episode Twelve - with Kendra London
Presenting Issue: Low Self Assurance
Episode Thirteen - with Christy Resendes
Presenting Issue:
Self confidence
Episode Fourteen - with Christy Resendes
Presenting Issue:  
Smoking Cessation
Episode Fifteen  - with Linda Mayers
Presenting Issue:
Episode Sixteen - with Samantha Pannier
Presenting Issue:
Psychic  Development
Episode Seventeen with Emily:
Presenting Issue: Audition Nervousness
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