"Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands, but
like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides,
and, following them, you reach your destiny."
Carl Schurz

Our Principles

Dedication to Clients.

Our Client’s interest always comes first. We deeply respect our clients’ willingness to
actively to improve their life. Change is not easy, but we will be there every step of the
way to ensure our clients get the result they have been looking for.

Respect for privacy and confidentiality

A client will always feel safe knowing what they say in a session, stay in the session.
When considering hypnotherapy, we understand our clients see privacy is one of their
top concerns. We often find an instant rapport with clients the moment they realize we
treat protecting confidentiality as our top priority

Respect for competitions  

While there are other institutions and private hypnotherapist who feel they need to
aggressively compete with us, we feel we are part of a big family who share the same
prestigious profession. We always treat our colleague with the greatest respect, we
always find ourselves offering help and support to other institution and hypnotherapist,
and we always feel honored to be able to help.  

Always keep an open mind

People from all walks of life contact us for our services, classes and workshop. Each has
their own unique circumstances, each with their own unique obstacles to over come, and
each with their own unique motivation. Some of them will inevitably go against popular
believes and common conceptions. We found ourselves learn and grow a lot when we
take the time to listen to our client’s needs, and keep an open minded, warm and
accepting attitude. Many of our success stories come from clients who felt their unique
goals are deeply respected in a warm nourishing environment. We thank those clients
who allow us to work with their unique circumstances, and let us grow with them.

Individual attention

There are never routines in the Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis. Human beings are
not machines. We do not set a fixed program and rigidly expect people to follow them
robotically. Each client, each student, each organization we worked with have their own
special way to learning and communicating. Most of our past clients selected our
services based on our ability to individually customize our programs to their needs; many
are still impressed with our ability to tailor our services exactly to their goals.  

Recruit the best staff, and commit to their needs

“Without your troops, you are nothing.” So goes the army saying. We actively seek and
retain the finest talents in the industry. Without the best staff, we cannot be the best firm,
especially for a knowledge intensive firm such as the Cara Institute of Advanced

Highest level of excellence

For the reason that our assets are our people and reputation, we maintain an
uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in case which we encounter.  We
continue to set the standard of excellence acknowledged by our clients and our peers
alike. Click here to read what our past students and clients have to say about the Cara
Institute of Advanced Hypnosis.

Co-operation and teamwork

While our clients and students receive individualized attention, we have found that team
effort produces the best results. We are in partnership with many academic institutions,
corporations, government organizations, hospitals and non profit organizations. Their
staff has provided us with much invaluable advice in terms of business development,
information technologies and their wealth of scientific knowledge. Together, we became
much stronger. Click here for a list of individuals and organizations who help contributed
to our enormous success.  

Advanced knowledge.  

Our determination to learn more about the human unconscious mind, together with our
thinking reputation.   
creative ways to think outside the box, are the key ingredient behind our forward
thinking reputation.   

Flexibility in problem solving

Our greatest advantage is our ability to not just think outside the box, we can also act
outside the box. While many people find themselves wondering if they can do it, we ask
ourselves how to do it. We can look at a problem intuitively, we use our resources
creativity, yet we also implement our solution methodically.

Honestly, ethics and integrity above all else.

Sometimes there are greater profits in doing the wrong thing, but we feel doing the right
thing, ultimately, is the right thing to do. Many of our past client told our staff the reason
they choose the Cara Institute above others was because they know they can trust
someone who is honest, ethical and maintain integrity in tough situations.  

Free standing and independent thinking

While we draw expertise and resources from different foundation, the Cara Institute of
Advanced Hypnosis has always maintained free standing from external control. We
believe this high level of autonomy gave us the greatest degree of freedom to actualize
our ideas and in the most time efficient manner for our client. As some institutions are still
getting their plans approved by an external body, we are already in the final stages of

Profit comes last

Of course, there is a bottom line. Just like any other institution, we need to be financially
responsible. However, we feel the greatest reward is not found in monetary gain. The
greatest gain is to see our client change themselves for the better, to see our professional
students helping other people, to see the corporations we consult employing happier,
more confident staff, and seeing that we are making a strong positive impact on the
world. It is in our vision to facilitate a new world where all human potential can be fully
actualized without political or psychological barrier, to bring inner peace, self respect,
good mental health and inner healing by hypnosis to everyone. That in it self, is the
greatest reward. While some our friends try to measure our profits by a calculator, we
shown them true profit can only be found in our heart.
Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis                           "It's happening here"

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